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The story of Survive APK begins with a catastrophic viral outbreak that quickly spreads across the globe. The virus turns humans into savage creatures known as “Hunters.” These Hunters are driven by a single-minded hunger for flesh and will stop at nothing to kill and consume their victims.

Survive APK Download For Android

Version: 1.0.2 | Size: 67 MB

App NameSurvive APK
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Compatible withAndroid 5.0+
Size67 MB

As a survivor, you must find a way to stay alive in this new world. You will need to scavenge for food and water, build shelter, and defend yourself from Hunters. You will also need to complete a series of missions in order to progress in the game.

Gameplay Overview

The gameplay of Survive APK is simple yet challenging. Players must manage their resources carefully in order to survive. They will need to keep their hunger, thirst, and health levels in check. They will also need to manage their time wisely, as each day in the game lasts for 24 minutes.

In addition to managing their resources, players must also complete a series of missions. These missions range from simple tasks like gathering resources to more difficult challenges like fighting off Hunters. Completing missions will earn players rewards that can be used to improve their characters and equipment.

Stat Tracking

Players will need to track their characters’ stats in order to stay alive. These stats include health, hunger, thirst, awareness, rabbit, and clothing.

Below I provided all the stats in detail.👇


This is the character’s overall health. If the character’s health reaches zero, they will die.


This is the character’s need for food. If the character’s hunger reaches too high, they will start to lose health.


This is the character’s need for water. If the character’s thirst reaches too high, they will start to lose health.


This is the character’s ability to detect Hunters. If the character’s awareness is too low, they will be more likely to be attacked by Hunters.


This is the character’s ability to catch rabbits. Rabbits are a good source of food and can be used to make clothing.


This is the character’s protection from the elements. If the character’s clothing is not warm enough, they will start to lose health in cold weather.


To see what the Survive APK looks like, I have included a brief overview of Survive APK’s design with screenshots below.

Recruiting Team Members

Players can also recruit other survivors to join their team. Team members can help players with tasks like gathering resources, fighting Hunters, and completing missions. Team members also have their own unique strengths and weaknesses.

To recruit a team member, players must first meet certain requirements. These requirements vary depending on the team member. For example, players may need to have a certain amount of resources or have completed a certain number of missions.

Once players have met the requirements, they can recruit a team member by talking to them. Team members will join the player’s team for a certain amount of time. After that time period, the team member will leave and the player will need to recruit them again if they want them to stay.

Calendar Book

The Calendar Book is a tool that players can use to manage their characters’ duties. The Calendar Book shows players what tasks their characters are assigned to each day. Players can also use the Calendar Book to change their characters’ duties.

It is important to manage characters’ duties carefully in order to maximize their productivity. For example, players should not assign characters to tasks that they are not good at. Players should also make sure that characters have enough time to rest and recover.

Tasks in the Game

There are a variety of tasks that players can complete in Survive APK. These tasks include:

1. Exploration

Players can explore the world in search of resources, new areas, and hidden secrets.

2. Activities

Players can participate in activities like fishing, hunting, and crafting.

3. Rest

Players can rest in order to recover health and energy.

It is important to complete a variety of tasks in order to survive in Survive APK. Players should not focus on just one task, as this will make it difficult to progress in the game.

Character Logs

Character logs are a way for players to keep track of their characters’ progress. The logs show players what tasks their characters have completed, what items they have found, and what enemies they have defeated.

Character logs can be a helpful tool for players who want to track their progress in the game. They can also be used to identify areas that need improvement.

Catalog Menu

The catalog menu is a place where players can purchase items. The items in the catalog include weapons, armor, resources, and other helpful items.

Players can use the catalog menu to purchase items that will help them survive in the game. They can also use the catalog menu to find items that they need for specific missions.

In-Game Computer

The in-game computer is a place where players can access information about the game world. The computer contains information about the different areas in the game, the different enemies, and the different items that can be found in the game.

The in-game computer can be a helpful tool for players who want to learn more about the game world. It can also be used to find information about specific areas or enemies.

The Appeal of Survival Games

Survival games are appealing to many players because they offer a unique challenge. Players must use their skills and resources to survive in a harsh environment. They must also be prepared to face dangerous enemies and unexpected challenges.

Survival games also offer a sense of progression. As players complete tasks and earn rewards, they become stronger and more capable. This sense of progression can be very satisfying for players.

Finally, survival games can be very replayable. The different environments, enemies, and challenges can provide players with a new experience each time they play.

User-Friendly Design of Survive APK

Survive APK has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to learn and play. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the menus are easy to navigate.

The game also has a helpful tutorial that teaches players the basics of the game. This tutorial can be helpful for new players who are not familiar with the survival genre.

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App NameSurvive APK
Size67 MB

FAQs – Survive APK

1. What is Survive APK?

Survive APK is a free-to-play survival game for Android devices. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a catastrophic viral outbreak has turned humans into bloodthirsty creatures known as “Hunters.” Players must take on the role of a survivor and work to complete a series of missions in order to stay alive.

Survive APK is generally safe to use, but there is always a risk of downloading and installing apps from third-party sources. Some APK files may contain malware or other harmful software that can damage your device or steal your personal information.

There are several ways to download Survive APK. You can find the app on a number of different websites, including the official Survive APK website.

Once you have downloaded Survive APK, you can install it on your device by following these steps:

  1. Go to your device’s settings and enable “Unknown sources.”
  2. Locate the Survive APK file on your device and tap on it to install.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.


Survive APK is a challenging and rewarding survival game. The game offers a unique experience that is sure to appeal to fans of the genre. The game’s user-friendly design and helpful tutorial make it easy to learn and play, even for new players.